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The Python data reduction pipeline for the WiFeS integral field spectrograph.

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This is the other homepage of PyWiFeS, a Python-based pipeline for reducing data from the Wide Field Spectrograph (WiFeS).

An overview of the instrument itself can be found on its RSAA webpage and further details about instrument configurations and observing can be found on the WiFeS Wiki.

As of May 2015, the pipeline documentation will be gradually transfered from the initial pywifes wiki to these pages.

Downloading PyWiFeS

From version 0.7.1 of PyWiFeS, we have migrated the code to a Github repository. The latest release can be found here:

Note that you do NOT need to install git or create a Github account to download the code.

​Installing PyWiFeS

1) After downloading PyWiFeS, unzip the archive and save its content anywhere you like.
2) Add the 'src/' subdirectory to your PYTHONPATH

And voilà ! To test that it all went according to plan, start a new Python shell, and try to import PyWiFeS. It should not return any errors (you can/should also make sure that you are running the latest PyWiFeS) :

In [1]: import pywifes
In [2]: pywifes.__version__
Out[2]: '0.7.2'

Note to pre-v0.7.1 PyWiFeS users:

Prior to v0.7.1, installing PyWiFeS required the definition of the global variable "PYWIFES_DIR". This is NOT the case anymore. If you are updating to v0.7.1 or above and have previously defined "PYWFIES_DIR", you can a) update the definition of "PYWIFES_DIR" accordingly or b) remove the definition of "PYWIFES_DIR" altogether (recommended).

Acknowledging PyWiFeS

We now have a published paper on PyWiFeS. If you used it in your research, please cite:

Childress, Vogt, Nielsen, & Sharp (2014), ApSS, 349, 617

and save yourself a 2-page data reduction description in your articles !

If you use WiFeS data in your research, be sure to cite the Dopita+ instrument papers in your articles:

Dopita et al. (2007), ApSS, 310, 255
Dopita et al. (2010), ApSS, 327, 245


You can see a list of known bugs/planned features here.

The PyWiFeS Team

PyWiFeS was primarily developed in 2012-2013 by:

Michael Childress (
Frédéric Vogt (
Jon Nielsen (
Rob Sharp (